Who we Are & What We Do

Sunrise Fitness is a cutting-edge functional fitness system that can help everyday men. There is a significant portion of the population in here, that actually want and need success to be hard!


Widely recognized as one of best fitness destinations, SUNRISE FITNESS CLUB is not just a gym, it’s a way of life. SUNRISE FITNESS CLUB is a certified gym, which is endorsed by many people in here. Our equipment selection is done by our training & fitness department.

The purpose behind this venture was to give an ultimate fitness experience under the supervision of highly qualified & experienced professionals. Our standards are periodically refined to live up to the brand’s promise and be relevant. We stand with an Experienced team who share a great rapport with our members, keeping in mind their needs on first priority and are with them each step of the way in reaching their goals.


We Provide the best Quality Service to our Customers,

to make them achieve their goal by being Hard!

  • Highly Qualified & Experienced Professional Trainers
  • Best Quality Equipments
  • Best Service Available
  • 24/7 Support Team Available
  • Good Environment to Work In

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